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Zachari Logan



Zachari Logan
Sept 9, 1980

Solo Exhibitions:
Upcoming Jan. 2012, Beautiful Losers Project, AIRD Gallery. Toronto, Ont.
Upcoming Nov/Dec 2011, Trauma & Other Stories, Daniel Cooney Fine Art. New York, NY.
Upcoming Oct/Nov 2011, Disappearances, Galerie JeanRoch Dard. Paris, France.
August- Sept. 2010, Duality, ArteVistas, Barcelona, Spain.
May 2010, Poser, Galerie Zephyr, Montreal, Que.
Jan.-Feb. 2010, Beautiful Losers, Presented by Envoy Enterprises, at Headquarters Studio, New York, NY.
Feb. 2010, The Lazarus Drawings, Galerie La Petite Mort, Ottawa Ont.
June 2009, Zachari Logan @ Envoy Enterprises, Envoy Enterprises, New York, NY.
April 2009, One Day At A Time: Drawing Project #1, Envoy Enterprises, New York, NY. 
Jan. -Feb. 2009, The Myth of Pants, Galerie Jean Roch Dard, Paris, France.
Oct. 2008, The Anxious Actor, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.
June-July 2007, Play Boys, Craig Scott Gallery, Toronto Ontario.
Sept.-Dec. 2005, Circumference, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon SK.
April 2004, Beautiful Creatures, St. Thomas More College Gallery, Saskatoon SK.

Group Exhibitions/Art Fairs:
March – May 2011, Muera el perro, Pristine Galerie. Monterrey, Mexico.
March -April 2011, Domestic Queens, Concordia FOFA Gallery, Curated by Evergon. Montreal, Que.
Feb-April 2011, Drawings from the Allen G Thomas Jr. Collection, Virginia Thompson Graves Gallery, Barton University. Curated by Linda Dougherty, Chief Curator of North Carolina Museum of Art. Wilson, NC.
Nov.-Dec, 2010, Littlest Sister Invitational, Anthony Spinello Gallery, Miami, Fl.
Dec 2010-April 2011, Infadels, Galerie La Petite Mort, Ottawa/ Abnormals Gallery, Berlin, Germany/Poznan, Poland.
July-August 2010, Self-Exposure, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York, NY.
May-June 2010, I See Myself In You, BRONX Art Space. Curated by Wayne Northcross. New York, NY.
June 2010, Memento, Werkstatt Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
April-May 2010, Neo-PRIEST, Headbones Gallery, The Drawers. Toronto, Ont
April 2010, Gasoline Rainbow, CS-13, Curated by Matthew Dayler. Cincinnati, Ohio.
March 2010, PULSE Art Fair NYC, ‘Beautiful Losers’ Project. Spinello Gallery. Miami, Fl.
January 2010, Saint Sebastien Forever, Galerie Oberkampf, Paris France.
Oct-Dec 2009, When I Grow Up, (collaboration with Sophie Calle) Galerie Jean Roch Dard. Paris, France. 
Sept. 2009, NUDE Manifest, Manifest Gallery. Cincinnatti, Ohio.
July 2009, Summer Camp II, Exile Berlin. Curated By Dan Halm. Berlin, Germany.
July 2009, Self, Identity 1 MFA NOW Exhibition, Praxis International. Miami, Florida.
June 2009, Permanent Collection: Tattooed Artists, Galerie Petite Mort, Ottawa, Ont.
May- June, 2009 Figuration, Headbones Gallery, The Drawers. Toronto, Ont. Definitely Superior, Thunder-Bay, Ont.
April 2009, Salon Du Dessin: contemporain, Palais de la Bourse. Paris, France.
Sept.2008 – Jan. 2009, FLATLANDERS, Saskatchewan artists on The Horizon. Mendel Art Gallery. Saskatoon SK.
May 2008, Go Figure, Craig Scott Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
Sept. 2007, The 1950 Ford Group Show, Art Gallery of Alberta. Edmonton, Ab.
June 2007, That’s so Gay, Dominion Project Room. Saskatoon, SK.
Nov-Dec. 2006, Body Language, Lehmann Leskiw Gallery Toronto, Ont.
Oct-Dec. 2006, Works on Paper, Neutral Ground, Regina Sk.
Oct-Nov. 2005, Inaugural Drawers Selection, Headbones Gallery: The Drawers . Toronto, Ont.

Canada: University of Saskatchewan Permanent Collection, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery Collection, Saskatchewan General Insurance (SGI) Corporate Collection, Saskatchewan Arts Board Permanent Collection, Private collection of Lee Kinoshita-Bevington, Private collection of Bruce Minore, Private collection of Val Lem, Private collection of Craig Scott, Private collection of Richard Fogerty, Private collection of Guy Berubè, Bruce Bailey Fine Art Permanent collection.
United States: Multiple acquisitions to the private collection of Allen G. Thomas Jr., multiple acquisitions to the private collection of John J. Spencer III, Private collection of Nick Leung, Private collection of Anthony Spinello, Private collection of Paul Bruno, Private collection of Ray Keane, Private collection of Barry Briskin, Private collection of Lawrence Wheeler.
Spain: Multiple acquisitions (from Duality Series) to the private collection of Marc Duhm.
Brazil: Private collection of Jairo Sobrinho.
UK: Private Collection of Sean Coxall.
France: Private collection of Romuald Chaussivert, Private collection of Gerald Eijt, Private collection of Jean Roch Dard.
Germany: Multiple acquisitions to the private collection of Mirko Pavlovic.

July 2010, 5th Competition of Figurative Painting, Selected Finalist. Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes. Barcelona, Spain.
June 2010, Independent Artist Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board
June 2009, Independent Artist Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board
April 2009, Travel Grant- Saskatchewan Art Board
January 2009, MFA-Now, International Painting Competition winner. New York, NY.
Oct. 2008, Graduate Thesis Award, Discipline of Humanities and Fine Arts, University of Saskatchewan.
Jan. 2008, Headbones Award, Headbones Gallery.
2007-2008, Graduate Teaching Fellowship University of Saskatchewan, Faculty of Art & Art History.
2006-2007, Graduate Teaching Fellowship University of Saskatchewan, Faculty of Art & Art History.