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“How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare" Group Show
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare is a group exhibition whose title cites Joseph Beuys’ watershed 1965 performance by the same name. Like Beuys’ performance in which he “explained” artworks to a dead hare in the gallery where he enacted his piece, the exhibition presents works that question the art object’s ontology and the politics of spectatorship via diverse media including photography, video, painting, sculpture, work-on-paper, installation, performance, and sound and olfactory works.
Dominika Ksel’s interactive Untitled (2012), for example, manifests in the interiority of the spectator. Similar to Lygia Clark’s Sensorial Masks (1967) that was worn and blocked external perception in order to trigger self-awareness and reflection, Ksel’s piece is a kind of rave of the mind; for its optical and audio ecstasy of light and sound within the cranium proceeds from the inside to the outside rather than the other way around. Through this radical reconfiguration of art and its consumption, of object and subject, Ksel's work shares an affinity with what Antonin Artaud stated about his Theatre of Cruelty: “it is through the skin that metaphysics must be made to re-enter our minds.”
Damali Abrams (GY/US) / Isaac Aden (US) / Stefano Cagol (IT) / Gianluca Capozzi (IT) / Gordon Cheung (UK) / Patricia Dominguez (CL)/ Rainer Ganahl (AT) / Pablo Helguera (MX) / Ala Dehghan (IR) / Lazaro Juan (PH) / Dominika Ksel (US) / JT Leroy (US) / Ferran Martin (ES) / Alex Nuñez (US) / Joe Politt (UK) / Vidishi Saina (IN) / Edgar Serrano (US) / Roi Vaara (FI), Elan Jurado (USA).

curated by : Raul Zamudio Taylor
May 15th, 2014


Lo + nuevo


 vuitton.jpg Celebrity Skin
Curated by Raul Zamudio
August 1-25, 2012
Artists: Claudia Baez, Marc Bijl, Wim Delvoye, Adolfo Doring, Martin Durazo, Juan Carlos Granados, Sangwoo Koh, Ferran Martin, Emma McCagg, Miss Aniela, Andre Von Morrise, Lindsey Noble, Jaime Ruiz Otis,  Riiko Sakkinen, Kiki Seror, Joaquin Segura, Celia Elasmieh Shomal, Kasper Sonne, Matt Tackett, Mookie Tenembaum, Chris Trueman, Palo Klein Uber, Abdul Vas, Ruben Verdu, Eric Yahnker, Wojtek UlrichAllison Van Pelt, Sable, Natasha Zupan

Shahram Entekhabi
Gropu Show
curated by Diana Wiegersma,
Hilger Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
Sept 10 - Nov 3, 2012

 abdul_vas_gone_shootin_2002.jpg BODY SNATCHERS AT WHITE BOX NY
group exhibition curated by Raul Zamudio.
June 1 - June 15, 2012
Artists: Kiki Seror, Abdul Vas, Oreet Ashery, Shelly Bahl, Domingo Sanchez Blanco, Firelei Baez, Martin Durazo, Shahram Entekhabi, Juan Carlos Granados, Rubén Verdú, Sangwoo Koh, Jesica “La Negra” Lopez, Kasper Sonne, S&P Stanikas, Mookie Tenembaum, Michael Tong, Wojtek Ulrich, Joaquin Segura, Ferran Martin, Matthew Weinstein, Isaac Aden y Eric Yahnker
 welcomenewyear.jpg  Welcome New Year
OTHER GALLERY l Shanghai Space
ARTIST: Aaajiao, Carlos Motta, Chris Jordan, Chen Qiang, Gordon Cheung, Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, Jin Yangpin, Kang Shixin, Oreet Ashery, Xue Song, Xie Caomin, Sun Yao, S & P Stanikas, Shahram Entekhabi, Zhou Wendou
Jan 07th, 2012- Feb 19th, 2012
 oreet_small.jpg Party for Freedom
Oreet Ashery
A residential workshop in Rishangles, Suffolk
7  - 11 September 2011 
 altars_s.jpg Altars
S&P Stanikas
Other Gallery Shanghai
jun 11 - jul 10, 2012
 centerbalkancooperation.jpg defined spaces?
International video art exhibition
Shahram Entekhabi
23rd of June - 6th of July 2011
A project by Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA, Tetovo, Macedonia.
"Scope Basel"
Shahram Entekhabi
June 15-19, 2011
Kaserne Basel | Klybeckstrasse 1b | CH - 4057 Basel | Switzerland
"Saludos Gagarin"
Jesica López
April 13, 2011
Museo de Arte Moderno de Moscu
"Riiko Sakkinen vernissage in Paris"
May 19, 2011
Galerie Bannwarth │Paris
"Art San Diego 2010"
Pristine Galerie
video 05:42min
Sep 2 - 5
San Diego, CA
Solo Show
Shahram Entekhabi
Jan 30 – Apr 19
AB Gallery l Switzerland
"Open Studio"
Despacho 2105
Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda
April 5 - 9
México DF
"The Waste Land"
Project Birch Forest
Group Show
Svai & Paul Stanikas / Wojtek Ulrich
July 8-29, 2010
Curator: Raúl Zamudio Taylor
White Box, New York
"Pinta 09"
Group Show
Jesica López "La Negra"
Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building
New York, NY   2009
"Constellations: The man
who fell to heart"
Group Show
Damián Ontiveros
Art Space, 798 District
Beijing, China   2009
"The untitled is the 
eternal title"
Exposición Colectiva
Pilar de la Fuente
10th OPEN International 
Performance art Festival
Beijing, China 2009 
"Art en Capital-Salon des 
Artistes Indépendants"
Group Show
Enrique García Saucedo
Grand Palais des Chaps 
Elisées, Paris France, 2009
"Art en Capital-Salon des 
Artistes Indépendants"
Group Show
Juan Carlos Granados
Grand Palais des Chaps 
Elisées, Paris France, 2009
 curso marco 3.jpg
Modulo No. 3
Curso por Marco Granados /
Ser Artista (contemporáneo)
sin morir en el Intento /
23 , 24 y 25 de noviembre
del 2009

curso marco 2.jpg

Modulo No.2
Curso por Marco Granados /
"La Curaduría, Engaño u
Ornato" / 26, 27 y 28 de
octubre del 2009
curso marco_1.jpg
Modulo No.1
Curso por Marco Granados /
"Fenomenología y Tragedia
del Arte Contamporáneo en
su relación con la Curaduría
y el Mercado" / 28, 29 y 30
de septiembre del 2009
zona maco.jpg
"Participación en Zona Maco
Monterrey" / Hotel Habita /
septiembre del 2009